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Concepta Barcelona



On Friday 28th of October we arrived at Tempelhof airport with local artists Bert van Wijk and Michel "Cren" Pietsch and two "La Nuit" chairs designed by Serra&DeLaRocha.
The organizers gave us a space and a wall in Hangar 7, next to the Restaurant of the Fair therefore guaranteeing a great deal of foot traffic throughout the course of the next two days. Due to the fact that we had no brand material, on this first day the two artists concentrated on painting a mural with the name of the brand and certain design elements that were then going to carry on to the two chairs. This was important since it established our company's identity, reinterpreted by local artists, and created a reference for people passing by.
With the wall finished and brand name reference established, on Saturday 29th of October the artists painted on the two "La Nuit" chairs, giving them their own interpretation and character. Once finalized we did a final presentation of our 'stand' with the two 'customized' chairs and the wall with our brand name in the background.
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